The Jump – 7.23.08

Admittedly the rain put a damper on everything in the city on Wednesday.  I personally got soaked like I have never been soaked, the free Aveda hair product I just got burned my eyes as I ran from 33rd to 30th.  I ran so fast I have shin splints today.  Still, I was drenched.  So the party, while not as packed as it would have been given nicer circumstances, was still a lot of fun.  It was the Burning Angel book release after party, and at one point I looked around the club and realized that everyone I knew there was either a DJ or a porn star.  That is good company to be around.  So yes, there are some naked people in this gallery.  There is even a naked go go dancer who once threatened me with physical violence if I ever put up a photo of her topless.  I was quite shocked to see her dancing topless.  I asked her why she was in this state of ultra-undress and she explained to me that it was because she was hot.  Makes sense to me.

Anyway, I started feeling sick so I decided to leave a bit early.  Once I got into the cab and was sitting down I felt a bit better so I dropped by High Voltage for a second.  The rain had killed that party completely and all that was left was Dimitry and Nick Hook who were behind the DJ booth and about 4 or 5 girls who were all half naked and making out in some sort of orgy on the other side of the room.  There was also an old man who kept inviting everyone back to his hotel room and proclaiming to be the original ladies man, whatever that means.  I took some photos, but everyone was extremely drunk and I feel like those photos should just probably not see the light of day, as it would be better for everyone involved.

Anyway, click here to see the Jump @ Rebel party photos.






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