Kidnap That Foo’

Vacation is going okay.  I haven’t seen anyone in three days, and I have gotten a very minimal amount of work done, but I have been waking up early in the morning and I have been getting a reasonable amount of sleep.  I cleaned my room a bit and submitted some photos to a web project.  Still, I have really have not accomplished much.  I think that if I can keep this waking up early thing going on, I will have no choice but to get some shit done this weekend.  Tonight I am going out, hopefully I will see you guys at Rebel as I need a little bit of adventure.  Then it is back to solitude through the weekend.  Anyway, I keep watching this video of Burt and Ernie rapping to M.O.P. so I guess you should probably watch it too… at least once.   Ante up motherfucker.

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