Stairway To Hell @ Rebel – 6.28.08

A bunch of my friends, including BA girls Apathy and JessieLee were in this weird hair metal show called Stairway To Hell. I missed the first 15 minutes but from what I gathered it is about a hair metal band who has died and they are in purgatory and they are trying to impress Satan so he thinks they are cool enough to get into Hell. They are called Wartog and they spend the evening doing tasks for the devil such as corrupting their slutty high school teacher to biting off the head of a bat to ripping out jesus’ spine. Lots of fake blood and fake cocaine and lots of short hair metal covers. When I first got there I was pretty much embarrassed for all of my friends involved, but about 15 seconds into their first Motley Crue cover I had come around and was snapping photos and having a gay old time.

The show takes place every Saturday in July so you should check it out if only to enjoy the after party which mixes Rebels bottle service/Meat Packing District crowd with aging hair metal fans. It is pretty fucking hilarious. Lil Wayne in one room, Def Leopard in the other. If you stand by the bathroom in the middle you could probably get some sick ideas for your newest Mash Up mix tape.

One could probably consider this set Not Safe For Work… that is if you consider Satan ejaculating from a 3 foot long anthropomorphized demon phallus not safe for work.

The lighting situation was less than optimal and I probably missed more shots than I got, but there is some pretty funny stuff and a few sexy ladies. So you should probably check out all the photos.

Minor update: Apathy mentioned in the comment section that she is no longer a BA, but she is still a Gods Girl I think…. Either way, if you click one of those links and sign up, I get money. So do that. See tits, give me money. Thanks.

Hot For Teacher

Young Girls And Free Cocaine


Stairway To Hell

JessieLee And Apathy

Stairway To Hell @ Rebel

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Trash – 6.27.08

Hells Bells! Finally for the first time in history someone thought to combine homosexuals with costumes! I am not sure why no one thought of this before, but thanks to Trash’s Gay Masquerade Ball we get to witness history. Ever so fancy history!

Witness it!

I Got Vodka Cranberry All Over My Shirt.

Out Of Control.

Jessie Was Not Wearing A Costume, She Was In A Horrible Disfiguring Accident

Mr. James Scares Me.

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Top 10 Ted Talks

TED is a yearly conference bringing together people from Technology Entertainment and Design fields. Basically every year the conference hosts some of the most interesting people in the world and has them give a 20 minute talk about all sorts of amazing things. Several of the blogs I read posted a number of talks from the 2008 conference. I watched a bunch of these and found them extremely amazing. The other day Boing Boing posted the top 10 most viewed TED talks from the last three years. I just finished watching them all today and wanted to post the link. I recommend watching them all. My favorite was Jeff Han’s talk on the touch screen he created because two years after he gave the talk we are using his technologies in daily life. That makes me excited when I watch Johnny Lee’s Wii hacks lecture because I feel like the Wii remote technology is going to be something we are going to be seeing a lot of in the future. I just think the future is very exciting and a lot of these talks prove that.

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Shitmix 2000

So I just switched to the newest version of Word Press.  So far I am not really happy with it, it takes me longer to upload photos and yesterday it deleted half a post, which may not have been its fault.  Not sure yet.

The one thing I do like is the Mp3 widget that lots of blogs have been using but for some reason I could not get to work on my old version of WP.  This is nice.  I like it.  The one problem is that it went and automatically converted all my linked text mp3s to these little flash things.  The problem with that is now on all mp3 posts previous to this one the MP3s are not label.  Other than that, it is great.

Okay, so now we get to the point of the post.  I wanted to post an Mp3.  I have been listening to the new Girl Talk album a lot and it reminds me about how when I first saw Girl Talk play with the Gaskets in 2004 or something at the Delancey I immediately thought about this Bit Meddler song Shitmix 2000 which was just this giant mash up of all these late 80’s early 90’s songs.  Then when listening to his new album I heard his song Like This it again reminded me of Shitmix.

So yeah download both songs and spin them at your party.

Bit Meddler – Shitmix 2000: Bit Meddler – Shitmix 2000

Girl Talk – Like This: Girl Talk – Like This

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God’s Angry Man

One of my favorite Werner Herzog shorts, God’s Angry Man, is available on YouTube. It is broken up into 5 parts and the first part is posted below. You can check out the rest of it here. It is about 45 min long and pretty much amazing. It is an interview with a hate filled televangelist who by the end of the film you almost feel sorry for, or at least feel some connection with. Part 5 has my favorite part in the movie where he mocks the FCC by running around hitting toy monkeys on the head. I don’t think I can possibly explain how great it is, and I am not sure you can fully appreciate it without watching the rest of the movie, so please do.

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Six Six Sick – 6.24.08

Last night was super fun. Slightly stressful though. It was one of those nights were everyone I had not seen in a long time all showed up at once and I didn’t know who to pay attention to. I just talked to everyone for a few minutes even though I wanted to catch up with everyone. Still, I got some great photos out of it and had a blast.

Nothing too exciting happened (that I can talk about) and then I went and ate a banana split with some people and that was good. Go look at the photos they are pretty good. There is some NSFW stuff in there. That’s always fun.

I am in DC and about to go shoot some BA girl who lives here. So more naked people soon.






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M – 6.24.08.

Hmm… Let’s see, let’s see.  I ended up getting a real late start on the evening and spend a while dealing with some points of order.  By the time I got my camera out it was nearly time to leave.  That being said I did swap stories with a professional pick up artist, made some new friends and single handedly changed the future of music as we know it.  Okay, maybe I had some help with the last one.

Check out the shots from Darkroom.




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Encounters At The End Of The World

What’s this?  Two film reviews in two days? Back to back even?  Wow.  I moved to NYC to watch movies, this site should be nothing but film reviews.  However, I decided that taking photos of DJ’s and cute girls was more important than my film education so I have been super slack.  But this weekend was pretty good.

Anyway, if you know anything about me you should know that Werner Herzog is my favorite director.  As of yesterday have now seen 52 of his 54 films.  One thing you need to know about Herzog is that all of his films are really about him.  I think this is important to note for someone who is walking into one of his documentaries thinking that they are going to see a straight doc.  He talks to the camera, often putting himself in his opinions into the films more directly than most people are used to.  One of the biggest complaints about Grizzly Man was that they didn’t know who this narrator was butting into the film.  Well the problem is that you need to understand the man, to really get the films.  Herzog has spent his life making both documentaries and standard narrative films about people who are obsessed with something, and maybe a little bit crazy.  This describes Herzog perfectly.  Even the “bad” protagonists in his movies tend to reflect as much about the director as anything else.  In truth he is often far more interesting than any of his subjects and hopefully someone will do his life story justice on celluloid.

Anyway, his newest film, Encounters At The End Of The World at times reads like a nature film about Antarctica and in fact it is produced by the Discovery Channel’s film division, but at other times it is gloomy and depressive look at the end of the world.  And at other times is absolutely laugh out loud hysterical.   In order to prepare for the feirce snow storms one might expect in Antarctica people train with buckets on their heads painted with faces that had the packed Film Forum crowd crying with laughter.  The film is Herzog’s second film to deal with Antarctica , but his first time he actually set foot on the continent.  (Wild Blue Yonder was assembled from footage a friend of his shot.)  He has now made a movie on all seven continents.  So here, for the first time, is my list of my favorite Herzog films by continent!  Click description for trailers/ clips!

Africa: Cobra Verde
Antarctica: Encounters At The End Of The World
Asia: Little Dieter Needs To Fly
Australia: When Green Ants Dream
Europe: Even Dwarves Started Small
North America: Stroszek
South America: Fitzcarraldo Comments (0)

The Butcher

The New York Asian Film Festival (NYAFF) started on Friday. Due to my work schedule I am not going to see as many as I did last year, but there are a few screenings on the weekend I am pretty excited about. The first of those was The Butcher which I saw yesterday. I knew I could only see movies Fridays and Saturdays because of my day job, so I just looked at the schedule for today and yesterday. The first thing that jumped out at me was an image of a man holding a chain saw wearing a pig mask. I watched the trailer and could not have been more fucked up.

The movie is about a man, who with his wife and two other people, has been captured to be tortured and killed in a snuff film. He wakes up in an abandoned factory farm to find himself tied up with a video camera mounted to his head. The entire film is made up of shots from his helmet cam, and the torturers cameras. The cinema vertias style is more effective here than I think it is in Cloverfield for example, but there are times where it doesn’t exactly make sense. The film is very gruesome and would be probably terrifying if I could manage to be scared of movies. I used to be, I am not sure what happened. But my friend that I was with told me that she did not think she would be able to sleep for a week. One of the main points in the film is how casual the tortures are about the whole thing. They laugh and joke with each other and talk about their art. The thing is, I think it would have been a bit more scary if they were obscured a bit, but I guess it would have changed the whole context of the film. That being said, the film was super fucked up and if you ever get the chance to see it, I would. It screens one more time, next Saturday at the IFC at 950PM.

Do yourself a favor and watch this fucking trailer, but only if you think you can handle it. Holy fuck. Comments (2)

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