Last night was nuts.  Details to come.  In the mean time Bday Week Part 3:  Burning Angel Party!

Come get fucked.


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Last Reminder

For serious.  Be there or be square.


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High Voltage – 5.28.08

Here is part one of birthday week.  Totally radical dude.  This is just the warm up to Friday night.  I better see you out tomorrow.

You can see the festivities from yesterday here. 





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Too Old

I am now older than Kurt Cobain was when he died.  Is that really possible?   I am older than most professional football players.  I am too old to be the Real World.  Shit.  All my dreams have been crushed by my withering life.

As you should know by now, I don’t drink.  And as you should also know by now, I DO drink on my birthday.  And while I have work on Friday and will not be getting destroyed tonight, I WILL be on Friday.  At the party Trash. At the club 40C.  On Ave C and 3rd.

Let us now take a look back at the shots from the last time I got drunk at Trash, just one short year ago.  Thanks to TK for the photos.

This is Anna.  I saw her waiting in line to get in and I thought she was cute so I pulled her to the front.  I think I asked the dude with her if I could make out with her.  After that we talked online all the time… but I have only seen her once since and that was for like one minute.

Dimitry and Alana totally love me.  Too bad D can’t make it this year.  One of the main reasons I celebrated my birthday at High Voltage last night too.

These two random Asians pulled me into a bathroom.  I don’t really remember this part of the night at all, but let’s just say there were some pictures that did not end up online…

This is my homie Leah.  The only girl to ever make my top 8 without dating me first.  She does this.  This photo pretty much sums up exactly how I am when I am drunk.

This is Roo.  I met her at Motherfucker two days earlier and I fell in love with her.  I kept telling her that she was the only person I wanted to make out with, but I had to make out with everyone for my birthday.  It was her birthday too. I only saw her once again after this and then she moved.

This is my brother.  He is amazing.

I made out with 22 people last year and this girl was number 22.  I never saw her again, but shortly after this my friends found her camera at a Daft Punk show.  So if anyone knows her, let me know, I would like to get her the pictures back.

This is Zoe.  I ended up dating her shortly after this photo was taken.  It has pretty much been my most serious relationship in NYC.  Really my only relationship… That night I took a photo of us kissing for the first time which I always thought would be cute to show our grandkids.  Heh.

So yes, that is it.  Come out this year and witness me falling over and trying to make out with everyone and breaking my cameras and it all being a huge disaster.  It will be SO MUCH FUN!

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Trash Your Rated X Salvation Glamdammit – 5.25.08

Look. That is just a horrible name. I am all fine with you guys combining your parties… but can’t you just come up with a better name?


Due to my computer over heating, I missed the deadline for the Village Voice, so these photos may never end up on their site. They still might, but I fucked up. This same problem caused me to have to ask my roommates questions about why my laptop was in the refrigerator.

Due to the hot body contest at this party, this gallery has a bunch of naked people and you should probably not look it at work or whatever.

Due to an insane amount of alcohol there are several photos of Michael T dancing shirtless.

Due to my birthday happening in 9 minutes I have to go to High Voltage right now.

Photos go here, go to Trash on Friday or lose me as a friend. Thanks.

UPDATE: The photos did end up getting posted on theÂ




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Birthday Week Begins

Tomorrow night is part one of my birthday celebration at High Voltage. It will be fun.

Then Thursday is my actual birthday, and I think I am just going to spend it at home.

Then Friday will be the craziness. I am not sure if I have to tell you this, but I do not drink… except on my birthday and New Years Eve. On New Years I had to shoot a party so I stayed pretty in control. That will not be the case on Friday. I plan on getting extremely destroyed and I will try to make out with pretty much any girl who comes near me, so be warned. I am a very nice drunk… just maybe a little too nice. Last year I made out with 22 ladies, and if I get as drunk as I think I will, I will try to break that total.

Check out the photos from last year. And then check out the flyers below. I am also hosting a party Saturday with details to come soon.

UPDATE: Flyer for Saturday posted below. I can’t believe they listed me as “Stud Photographer”. That is horrifying.




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Kate Hate

Okay.  So I took these a long time ago but I didn’t get around to getting them up.  Kate is a Burning Angel model and works for PopPorn.  She is best friends with my fake girlfriend and lives in Philly.  We started to take these photos in a bathroom but a bouncer bursted in and yelled at us.  I guess we were holding up the line for the people needing to do coke.  We then finished up in the back of the club, but I did not really love any of the shots I took.  She is a rad girl though, and I want to shoot her better next time. Yeah.  Click click goes here.  NSFW.



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Happy Memorial Day

For those who are wondering where the Trash Vs. Rated X Vs. Salvation Vs. Glamdammit photos are… or where the Zombie Sideshow party photos are I was shooting for the yesterday and I am waiting until they publish the galleries to put up my photos.  But I will let you know about that as soon as they are up.  There are a lot of extremely great, and extremely fucked up photos so get excited.

In the mean time, in celebration of this wondrous holiday here is one of the most awkward uncomfortable watch videos I have ever seen on YouTube.  I am pretty sure the troops would not want this wacky girls support, but they have it anyway.

Send the troops home, and this strange woman to Iraq.

Ps.  It is my birthday on Thursday and I am doing several things for it which you will be made aware of in the coming days, but FIRDAY at TRASH at 40C I will be getting drunk for the first time since New Years and it is sure to be a scene.  So mark it on your calendars now.

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BLU Vs. Gaskets

I have seen pretty much every blog on the planet post the MUTO animation by the extremely talented artist BLU. Every time I see it I am reminded of a video by The Gaskets that is done in a similar style of painting and then panting over to create animation. The Gaskets video is not nearly as impressive of course, but I love it and I figured I would post them both back to back for a nice Sunday throw away post and then I am off to shoot some events for the which I am pretty excited about. See you at Trash Vs. Rated X tonight at Don Hills?

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

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