Six Six Sick – 4.29.08

My head hurts so fucking much.

So I have a car for a few weeks.  I borrowed it when I was at my parents house last.  The idea is that maybe I can do some road tripping and hit up Boston or Philly or something.  I miss Baltimore a lot so maybe I will do that.  Who knows? Anyway, last night I actually drove to Happy Endings for the Six Six Sick/Disco Down party.  After it was over I drove a bunch of people home all over Brooklyn and made them listen to Cab Calloway and old punk records that I found at my parents house.  I think the point of these last few sentences is that nothing at all happened last night worth noting and I just felt I had to write something.

I did do something before Happy Endings, but I will talk about that tomorrow.

Here are photos, there are actually some pretty go ones in here somewhere.





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