Must Sleep Forever!!!

Sweet merciful lord. I woke up yesterday around noon after a few hours of sleep because I forgot to pick up my sleeping pills and had to take a bunch of tylenol PM instead. Then I did some shit and cleaned my apartment and updated this site and blah blah blah. Then I went to the Burning Angel party at Trash. I will just have to say that that was completely fucking insane. I am going to do a two part series, part one up tomorrow, and the really fucked up photos on Monday. I also have a girl/girl gallery that will be up as well. Anyway, the point was I was completely drained from the lack of sleep and my balls hurt from the naked girls and groping. So what did I do? I took a cab to Radio City Music Hall and stood in the rain until 9:30 AM waiting for tickets to see the NFL Draft. At 9:30 they opened the door and basically everyone started running full sprint at the door. Like 3000 people. It was insane, people got trampled etc. 2 hours later after being crushed by people I had a wristband. Then several hours of waiting in another line I got inside. From the time I left Trash to the time I got inside it had been 11 hours. Then I watched the draft until 10PM. It is now 10 o’clock, roughly 34 hours after I woke up. I want to die. GO DOLPHINS!

Real story and photos tomorrow.  Preview below.



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