Controversial Miley Cyrus Topless Photos!

My friend Robyn is amazing…. and every bit as good as Annie Leivovitz. I am sure by now you have heard about this “controversial” topless photos of Hanna Montana star Miley Cyrus in Vanity Fair. Well my friend Robyn shot two comedians who do a thing called “Red State Update” in the style of the Vanity Fair photos. I think the photos are pretty brilliant. Compare below.

miley-cyrus-topless-1.jpg miley-cyrus-topless-2.jpg

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Six Six Sick – 4.29.08

My head hurts so fucking much.

So I have a car for a few weeks.  I borrowed it when I was at my parents house last.  The idea is that maybe I can do some road tripping and hit up Boston or Philly or something.  I miss Baltimore a lot so maybe I will do that.  Who knows? Anyway, last night I actually drove to Happy Endings for the Six Six Sick/Disco Down party.  After it was over I drove a bunch of people home all over Brooklyn and made them listen to Cab Calloway and old punk records that I found at my parents house.  I think the point of these last few sentences is that nothing at all happened last night worth noting and I just felt I had to write something.

I did do something before Happy Endings, but I will talk about that tomorrow.

Here are photos, there are actually some pretty go ones in here somewhere.





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Best Of Tom Green 2008

Continuing my new found re-obsession with Tom Green here is a highlight reel of his interweb show from the first 1/3rd of ’08. Watching him play Chuck D is pretty remarkable. I also find myself liking Pauly Shore more and more as my life goes on. And I still have a crush on Kathy Griffin no matter how weird that is.

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Igor Vs. 2 Michelles

As you may know I run a Miami Dolphins web site.  So do my friends the 2 Michelles.  One of our favorite players Jason Taylor is on Dancing With The Stars and they decided to make a video about him and his dancing.  They asked  me to come along with them to a dance studio and film them dancing around.  They even bought my oysters after.  Check out the two videos and watch both my amazing cinematography and my overpowering stage presence.  Click to open the videos in a new window.

Part 1

Part 2

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Party Party Party

There are three parties this week that I am pretty excited about. Tomorrow you have your High Voltage which is always fun, but I am back on the flyer for some reason, so it will be extra fun. Friday is my 10th year anniversary party for me losing my virginity at Trash. You will here more about this soon, but here is the flyer for now. And lastly the always weird Rated X on Saturday featuring one of my photos on the flyer, so like, that makes me happy. Anyway, hopefully I will see you at all three, but if I miss you on Friday I am going to cry.




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America’s Next Top Porn Star Contest – 4.25.08

The climax to the Burning Angel 6th Anniversary party was the America’s Next Top Porn Star contest. Three contestants got on stage and had to show what they could do with a variety of sex toys. They were given a dildo, a blow up doll and a rubber mold of Joanna Angel’s vagina. The contest was pretty funny and my friend Aspen gave the dildo a blow job to make a man jealous and she won. Her prize was a lap dance from five Burning Angel’s. All of these girls happen to be friends of mine, as is Aspen and when they all started groping each other, taking off their clothes and making out, I was pretty happy to have friends like these. Not Safe For Anything. Oh. A bunch of the photos are kinda out of focus and badly composed… I left them in because I really think they add to the chaos of the evening.





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Trash – 4.25.08 – Burning Angel’s 6th Anniversary

I try to shoot all the events that Burning Angel does in NYC. As was pointed out to me today I seem to have a track record with Burning Angel girls and I am friends with pretty much everyone involved… so when I heard they were having their 6th anniversary party at Trash, my favorite party I have to admit I was pretty excited. The only problem was so were tons of other people… some of them equally as creepy as I am. But while I am creepy, at least I am familiar. So many strange dudes, and guys with cameras that at some point Brendan had to stop letting guys in the club. There was one guy who had an umbrella flash kit and was holding it up and said the photos were “just for him”. There were so many people it was hard to shoot, so I just hung out mostly near the girls table and spent a good amount of time outside. Speaking of outside there are some great shots of BA’s man about town Mitch beating up porn auteur Doug Sakmann which are fantastic and I posted about 10 of them in a row even though they are all about the same because they make a nice flip book. Anyway, these photos have a bunch of naked girls in them, including several from girls who aren’t even in “the industry”. Clearly not safe for work. Also, if you are wondering I saved the America’s Next Top Porn Star photos for a separate post because they are so out of control.




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2008 NFL Draft – 3.26.08

After a crazy night of partying with porn stars, nothing says relaxing like waiting in line for 11 hours to watch someone read names off cards.  After Trash Friday night I went straight to Radio City Music Hall where I ran into some fellow Miami Dolphins fans and we all stood in the rain with 5000 other of the most hard core football fans on Earth.  I got there around 4 and they didn’t give out wrist bands until 10.  Once you had a wrist band you had to line up to get into Radio City Music Hall for the draft that started at 3PM.  That is 11 hours of waiting.  The first several hours it was cold and rainy and miserable.  No place to sit because of the rain.  One crazy dude got out of his car and started yelling at us about how we should go back to Miami and that everyone who wasn’t a Jets or a Giants fan was a queer.  He was very large and people mostly let him get away with it.  Other than that it was sort of uneventful.  At some point someone started passing out flyers for a ticket scalping service that looked exactly like $20 bills.  I put one across the street and we waited for someone to pick it up.  Then we all laughed at them.  We repeated this several times and by like the third time we had the entire line of people watching. If someone picked up the bill at that point they had 300 football fans yelling at them.  Suddenly, around 930 everyone started running towards the doors.  I have no idea what happened, but the line was no longer an issue.  Everyone ditched all their tailgating stuff and just started running towards the door.  Tons of people were asleep and were now being trampled.   It was crazy.  The cops eventually corralled everyone into some barriers that they had up.   Everyone was smashed in together and as the line surged more people got trampled and everyone was shoved.  It was horrible.  People who had been waiting all night were now standing next to people who had been there 30 minutes.  Everyone was pissed and screaming.  Chants of bullshit rang out.  Despite the horribleness of said situation there was something nice about all these angry fans coming together in their rage.  Also, everyone in the league pretty much hates the Patriots so whenever anyone with a Pats jersey walked by everyone screamed at them.  And since I hate the Pats more than anyone in the world, that was pretty nice.  After we eventually got wristbands and waited another few hours to get in we had a nice relaxing time sitting through 7 hours of an old man reading off names of 22 year old football players.  And trying to stay awake.  And a lot more screaming.

Despite all the bullshit and the fact that I may possibly have turned down a threesome with porn stars I still had a blast and will remember the day forever.  The only reason I had my camera on me was because I came straight from the party and had it on me.  I didn’t really think about taking photos, but I took a few, and they are here on  They don’t really make sense on DBB.  Word.  Go Dolphins!


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Must Sleep Forever!!!

Sweet merciful lord. I woke up yesterday around noon after a few hours of sleep because I forgot to pick up my sleeping pills and had to take a bunch of tylenol PM instead. Then I did some shit and cleaned my apartment and updated this site and blah blah blah. Then I went to the Burning Angel party at Trash. I will just have to say that that was completely fucking insane. I am going to do a two part series, part one up tomorrow, and the really fucked up photos on Monday. I also have a girl/girl gallery that will be up as well. Anyway, the point was I was completely drained from the lack of sleep and my balls hurt from the naked girls and groping. So what did I do? I took a cab to Radio City Music Hall and stood in the rain until 9:30 AM waiting for tickets to see the NFL Draft. At 9:30 they opened the door and basically everyone started running full sprint at the door. Like 3000 people. It was insane, people got trampled etc. 2 hours later after being crushed by people I had a wristband. Then several hours of waiting in another line I got inside. From the time I left Trash to the time I got inside it had been 11 hours. Then I watched the draft until 10PM. It is now 10 o’clock, roughly 34 hours after I woke up. I want to die. GO DOLPHINS!

Real story and photos tomorrow.  Preview below.



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