Holy Jeezus. I have had a pretty crazy few days. I just got off a 6 hour bus ride and I am getting rushed off to some party in Orlando. I broke ANOTHER camera… this time my Yashica film camera. But at least it was broken in a fantastic fashion. We trashed the penthouse at the hotel in amazing fashion while listening to old hardcore music. I have pictures of the devastation. It is fantastic. I really have to rush off now, but I have crazy stuff to talk about and photos to show.

In the mean time, I just wanted to show you my new tattoo.  I decided that if I was in Miami I would get a Miami Dolphins tattoo. Despite my absolute love of the Dolphins, I am not quite lame enough to get a football tattoo, so I decided I would get Dan Marino’s number which luckily for me is the number 13, which is totally rock and roll. So I got like a hard core rock and roll 13, that happens to be aqua and orange. I also got my arm filled in a bit so it looks more sleeve like.

It ended up being a lot better than I thought it would be. I can’t find the guys card who did it but in a few days I will post a better photo with a link to his portfolio. I know the card is in my bag somewhere. Anyway, good dude, funny tattoo.


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Auto Update Florida #5: Dance Jason Dance

Since I am in Miami (or maybe on the way out of town) I think that I should rep the Miami Dolphins.  As a HUGE Dolphins fan I am probably going to come home with a bunch of random Dolphins stuff like gas station cups and maybe a novelty foam finger or something.  Anyway, it is not football season, and nothing exciting happens until the draft in late April.  The only thing going on in Dolphins world is that our star defensive end Jason Taylor is kicking ass in Dancing With The Stars.  I have never actually seen this show, but tonight he is going to be dancing or something and hopefully kicking the shit out of everyone else.  Here he is doing a Mambo last week! Go JT! Comments (0)

Auto Update Florida #4: Ol Dirty Bastard Prank

These sound board prank calls are rarely good, but my friend Nicole sent me a link to this one that is pretty fucking amazing.  Just listen to it, but before you do, take a minute of silence to miss ODB.  Rest in peace you dear dear man. Comments (0)

Auto Update Florida #3: Stella Saturday

I have been a Stella fan for a long time, long before they had their TV show. I bought the Stella shorts DVD collection many years ago, but they never sent it to me and I had to buy the second pressing of it kinda recently. Anyway, I had seen all the shorts, and by far my favorite one (actually, Dick Fish was a close second) was their music video for Chicago’s Saturday which is a pretty amazing song. The best part of it was seeing this guy dance in his underwear. It was amazing. Years later I moved to NYC and I have ended up becoming friends with this man. His name is Seth Herzog and I have blogged about him before. He does a comedy show at the Slipper Room on Tuesdays. I keep forgetting to go, so if you feel like going one day, remind me and we can go together. Sorry. Random. Watch the video. It is great.

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor
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Welcome To Miami

So I have been here for 2 days and slept less than 5 hours total.  I am sleeping on the floor for the next few days, not psyched about that.  It is only like 1 AM right now am I am going to try to sleep for a few hours in a bed before people come kick me onto the floor.  The hotel has house music blasting in the lobby though so any sleep will be tough.  Tomorrow I will party forever.  I have pretty much just shot people holding Vitamin Energy which is the energy drink made by the Vitamin Water folks.  I am not really a big energy drink fan, but they are better than others.  I am pretty much obsessed with Vitamin Water though.  Tomorrow will be more interesting I think.

I go to Miami every year to watch football, but I never go to South Beach or anything.  It is pretty interesting.   I have never seen so many hot girls that I am so uninterested in talking to.  I have zero to say to these girls.  So many fake boobs and blonde hair and tans.  It is pretty fun looking at them… and then walking away.  Everyone is so awful here.  Shirtless muscle bound dudes with blow outs abound.  So weird.  So gross.  Luckily everyone I have been hanging with are good people and I have a bunch of fun.

I had another piece of camera  equipment quit on me. This time my lens some how got jammed for no reason.  I had to buy a lens and drop almost $200 on a lens that is worse that the lens I have now.

I will try to get some photos up soon.  Here a completely random shot from the Club Monaco/Vitamin Energy event I shot today.


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Auto Update Florida #2: Trash

This auto update is not exactly exciting, but totally important.  Trash is like my favorite party and I shoot it all the time.  I was going to host this tonight but I had to go to Miami.  I am going to be hosing and doing some sort of video photo booth in the future.  It might be late April though… Anyway, Trash moved to a club called 40C and you need to come out and show support for the new party.  Make this fun.  40C is at 40 Ave. C  It’s basically on the corner of  C  and  3rd St.

Anyway, Joanna Angel will be there and mostly naked and there will be some fun times.  A bunch of people I like are hosting and things.  Fun fun.  Be there.


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Auto Update Florida #1: Tom Green

So I am on a plane right now on the way to Miami for Winter Music shit. I posted the fliers yesterday so you know what’s up I guess. Anyway here is the first of 7 updates that you will be getting automatically when I am gone. I should have time to do other updates, but I didn’t while I was at SXSW, so this time I am on top of shit.

I just rediscovered Tom Green. I have spent probably 10 hours on his site in the last week. I was sort of obsessed with him in 1999, but like I sort of forgot about him at some point. Evidently he now does an internet talk show from his house that is occasionally shown on TV or something. I have yet to see it live, but there are TONS of old episodes on there as well as every episode of the pre Mtv Tom Green Show. His new show is way less insane, but it is very interesting. He just sits and talks to some celebs for like an hour about all sorts of random things. He tattooed Kat Von D, got in a near fist fight with Andrew Dice Clay and he out battled Xzibit. Below is the first episode of his old old show, but make sure you click those links above for amazing footage from his new show.

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See You Later

I haven’t really taken any photos this week because I was sort of burnt out from SXSW and I had so much content to post.  I was going to shoot last night, but for some reason I just ate some BBQ instead.  I was going to go out tonight, but I have a flight early and I still have a ton of shit to do, so yeah, no partying tonight.  I just wanted to say that if you are in Miami or Orlando and I know you, you should let me know so we can hang out. If you are a cute girl and want to get naked, please let me know twice as much.  What?  I have not bought my return ticket yet, but I think I will be back the 3rd, but it could be earlier, or maybe a day later max.  I don’t know how I am getting to Orlando or when or where I am staying at any point.  I have a place I think I am sleeping tomorrow night, but after that I have no fucking clue where I am going to sleep  I don’t know why I keep leaving New York without having a place to stay but it has worked out pretty well so far.  Wish me luck.

Totally unrelated, while looking at my external hard drive I found this out take from a photo shoot I did with current New Yorker Nick The Duke, on the day I met him in Richmond, VA 5 years ago or something.  He was hanging out with a friend of mine, and I just happened to have a hot dog suit that I had to return to the costume shop and I convinced him to model the suit for me.  Amazing.


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Winter Music Stuff

I am going to Miami tomorrow.  Here is where I am going to be this weekend.  Honestly I don’t even know what I am going to be shooting exactly.  I see that LNP is sponsoring one of the parties, so I assume I will be taking the product shots or gifting stuff again.  Honestly I was told that I am getting cash when I get there and free plane tickets, so fuck it, I am on the move.  Here are the fliers, motherfucker.



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