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I uploaded my favorite pictures from January to my Flickr account. I spent the last 4 hours or so working on it, plus several hours going through 30 days of photos last week. So this update took me some time. So you only get two updates today. Then it is the weekend, and I only post twice a day on the weekend, then I am probably going to Rhode Island on Monday and Tuesday to campaign for Obama so I would imagine updates are going to be slacking for the next bit of time.

Anyway, check out the best of January on Flickr.


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2 Topless Girls Walking Down The Street

I check my key words that people search in google every day to see who comes to my site… most people are looking for the Lindsay Lohan topless pics, the Vanessa Hudgens nude photos or for some reason videos of Japanese Sharking. That being said my most popular keyword is overwhelmingly “driven by boredom”. So anyway, yesterday I was looking through my key words and I found that “2 Topless Girls Walking Down The Street” was searched for like 10 times. I am not sure why this is the case, but I honestly want to go take a photo now of topless girls walking down the street just so I can help these people out. Anyway, here are 10 amazing key words that people searched in order to get to my site in the last week:

  1. my favorite things are fucked faces
  2. lauren flax lesbian
  3. girlfriends kissing balls at home party pics
  4. safe sites for amimal humen fucking
  5. 1970 thru 1990 softcore pornstars
  6. girls who smoke crack and get naked
  7. cow fucking
  8. girl shoots football out of her vagina
  9. guys who jerk off watching a girl get a flat tire
  10. free blackula sex fetish

Amazing… Also, I don’t like leaving you guys without some media so here is one of those Japanese Sharking videos, but this one is of bottom sharking where a guy pulls up a girls skirt and pulls down her underwear on the street. It is basically rape, and completely horrible and these guys should go to jail and be sodomized by huge men. That being said, watching sharking videos is like watching a car accident, you just can’t stop. uncomfortably NSFW.

Sharking Bottom sharking

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Invite Them Up Says Goodbye – Day 3 – 2.27.08

And it’s over. Invite Them Up’s 6 year run has come to an end. Pretty much every comic said it was the best room in New York. A place where they could all come and test out their material and fuck around and have a great time. I have been going since I first moved to NYC and I met a ton of rad people and laughed myself to tears. Highlights from the night included Baldo’s 30 Seconds Of Stand Up dance party, Demetri’s touching eulogy/set, a standing ovation for Eugene & Bobby and Jon Benajmin putting his own urine into the Invite Them Up time capsule. It was amazing. I took over 600 photos. Here was the last line up ever:

Kristen Schaal
Jim Gaffigan
Eric Slovin & Leo Allen
Todd Barry
Chelsea Peretti
DJ Craig Baldo
Mike Birbiglia (enjoy your Google Alert)
Jon Benjamin & Jon Glazer
Demetri Martin








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High Voltage – 2.27.08

Things of note from last night not directly related to the party pictures below:

  • I found out that “sept11” is in my cell phones predictive text. I tried to type the word “rest” and “sept11” came out.
  • I find it completely offensive that there is a party flyer out there promoting a Barack Obama themed party featuring “free chicken and waffles”. However, I asked several black people how they felt and the most common answer I got was that they were not offended, and that they would probably go to the party in order to get the free chicken and waffles.
  • I had dinner with my friend Xochielt who I had the biggest crush on who disappeared on me for a month. It was nice to see her again. We sat next to three large people who were clearly fetishists of some type. The only male of the three was wearing a leather jacket with no shirt and kept kissing one of the girls knees. They talked about weird sex stuff the whole time… loudly.
  • My flash is completely fucked for some reason.

Pictures from High Voltage go here.





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The Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage

Due to horrible economic conditions in Zimbabwe their currency is completely worthless.  Just the other week my mom was telling me about a book she read about Zimbabwe and how the government kicked out all of the white land owners who were farming and gave them to the natives of Zimbabwe, but these people did not continue to farm the land properly and it lead to starvation and a dying economy.  I am sure I am completely simplifying the situation, but the Zimbabwe government just kept printing too much money and now things are completely fucked. Anyway, to either draw attention to, or make light of, someone came up with the Million Zimbabwean Dollar Homepage. Remember that site Million Dollar Homepage?  Well it is a parody of that site, except each pixel costs one Zimbabwean dollar, which according to his site is worth 1/90,000 of a US dollar.  So for one cent, you can own a part of history.  I bought 8,100 pixels for Driven By Boredom for 9 cents (plus like $3 in pay pal fees).  It is pretty exciting.  I think I am going to buy some pixels for The Gaskets too.  Dig the site, buy some space.


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Six Six Sick – 2.26.08

I am late for comedy so I will make this quick.  I was so tired and feeling like shit last night, but I had a great time.  Happy birthday to Lucy and Dana.  And it was good hanging out with my former VA neighbors, Cobra Kai.  Images go here.




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Invite Them Up Says Goodbye – Day 2 – 2.26.08

I got to Rififi a bit late and the show sold out and I had to stand in the way back or watch it from the bar area.  I chose to watch it on a screen in the bar.  I didn’t get to photograph the show, but I shot the after party.  I also snuck in to shoot the surprise Yo La Tengo performance.  Comedian Todd Barry played drums.  They did two different songs about Invite Them Up.  The first of which may in fact be the greatest song they have ever written.  The second was a reworking of Bobby’s Girl by Marcie Blane with new lyrics about Bobby Tisdale and Eugene Mirman.  It was a pretty great show, and tonight should be even better.  I am going to get there really early so I can get a decent seat to shoot from. The line up was:

Patric Borelli
Brett Gelman  (w/ Jon Daly)
Pete Holmes
Leo Allen
Andy Kindler
Zach Galifianakis
Todd Barry
Yo La Tengo

Click for photos.





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Invite Them Up Says Goodbye – Day 1 – 2.25.08

I have spent many, many Wednesday nights at Riffi watching Eugene Mirman and Bobby Tisdale’s Invite Them Up Comedy show. For just $5 you could watch some of the top names in NY comedy try out new material, up and comers bringing their A game, a consistently brilliant Eugene Mirman, and Bobby farting and rubbing his mic on peoples balls. It was amazing. I am very sad to see it go and I will be documenting every day. I meant to get these up yesterday, but I just ran out of time. Tonight is the last night ever and it is going to be crazy packed. If you have a chance to go, I would show up by 7:30 at the latest. Anyway on day one I got there early and had a front row seat to document the show. Here was the line up:

Michael Showalter
Heather Lawless
Greg Johnson
John Oliver
Craig Baldo
Seth Herzog
John Glaser

Click for photos.

PS. The biggest laughs of the night came not from any of the comics, but from John Oliver’s velour American Apparel”jumper”. (See below)





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YouTube Video Dump

In the last few days I have had an unusual number of people send me YouTube videos that they wanted me to blog about. However, I have been busy as shit trying to organize my life. I spent like 5 hours cleaning my room the other day. I am trying to get a part time job, and I am trying to be awake during the day so I can work a day job. I also have been trying to get some portfolio jobs together so I can apply to a variety of photography jobs. Anyway, instead of blogging about these videos, I am just going to dump them all here and you can have at it and write your own commentary… in your mind!

Hugh Laurie plugs a dead camera.

Barack goes Bollywood.

Barry says: “At 2:19, I’ve never seen anyone do that before. Fifty-three year old freak.”

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