Bella Vendetta And Revay

Here is a double dose of naked girls in bathrooms. My friend Bella asked me to come shoot her burlesque number for her website. It was pretty much the dirtiest burlesque show I had ever seen. And then after her number her and her friend Revay and some random girls from the audience just sort of made out on stage for a while. It was pretty intense. Bob Coulter filmed the whole thing. Anyway, in trade for me shooting her number she pulled me in the girls bathroom to do some photos for my site. Then she made me shoot her friend Revay in the boys bathroom. I am pretty into the shots of Bella, but I don’t think the ones of Revay came out that well. They sort of lacked contrast or something. I actually though about not putting them up… But then again, everyone loves naked people, so I figured why not just toss them up in the same update with Bella’s photos. So enjoy. Bella photos go here. Revay photos go here. Very much NSFW.




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Product Placement

I got in a conversation last night with my friend Keith about product placement.  I think that a lot of people find product placement in films unbearable.  My friend Teddy is constantly screaming about it.  People hate having advertisements forced on us all the time.  But for me, for some reason, I find creative advertising really fun.  I like things marketed at me in interesting ways.  I think good advertising can be high art.  Now, if you are changing the script of your film to involve a product, or are just doing something boring like holding a Coke can label first at me I am not for it.  But if you can come up with an interesting way to integrate ad placement in a film that makes sense, I am all for it.  Why make up a fake product for your film, when you can get paid to use a real one.  Keith sent me to videos to prove his point which I thought I would share with you.  The first is a short documentary about product placement that is pretty funny, but very biased against product placement.  I agree with some of what they are saying, and some of this stuff is just out of line, but the guy interviewed in this video is a little out of control.  He seems so unreasonably upset about product placement.  Speaking of being unreasonably upset the second video is David Lynch being interviewed about what he thinks of product placement.  His succinct answer to the long winded question is priceless. It is even funnier than his take on the iPhone.

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Britney Spears Boob Slip Video

Now as much as I can’t stand celebrities I like to consider myself an expert on celebrity nudity.  Don’t ask me why, I am just sort of obsessed with seeing famous people naked…. or people I know naked.  There is something I just like about looking at someone, and thinking to myself “I’ve seen them naked”.  It is comforting.  Anyway, I have posted on here about Britney Spears naked before.  And this video is so pointless, I am not sure why I am showing it to you.  But, I didn’t shoot last night, so I want to give you a bunch of non-party photo content today.  So skip to the 3 min 25 second part of the clip to see Britney Spears boob again. Comments (1)

The Re-Re-Return Of Rated X – 1.26.08

Rated X is back… and at Don Hills this time.  This is the first successful party attempt since Misshapes closed its doors.  The place was packed and it seemed like there was at least one photo blogger for every 3 normal party goers… And since Don Hills doesn’t have lockable bathrooms I didn’t get any photos any of the other 50 photogs didn’t get.  I feel there may be some opportunity for dirty photographs in the basement or something, but I’m not sure I will get the chance to explore considering Don Hills is so fucking hard to get to.  I just cannot afford that cab ride every week.  Thanks to the hot body contest this post is very Not Safe For Work.  Speaking of which, DBB favorite Jessie Lee won, so congrats to her.  There were these two really hot industrial chicks making out on stage and some how got very little applause.  Jessie Lee pretty much dominated.  Very impressive.  Anyway, click here for dirty, dirty pictures.




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A Few Of My Favorite Things: Movies To Blow People’s Minds

A Few Of My Favorite Things is a series that appears most weekends on Driven By Boredom. Each week I talk about three of my favorite things from a specific genre of film, music, or something else all together. Each favorite thing is accompanied by a video and a description of why it is one of my favorite things. Click here for more favorites.

I have a handful of movies that I break out when I really need to impress someone. If I think someone is really amazing, I invite them over and watch some insanely twisted movie with me that I know will blow them away. 9 times out of 10 it is an Asian Extreme film… Battle Royale or maybe something by Takashi Miike or Park Chan Wook. It was hard to narrow films down to just three… I figure too many people know Battle Royale, and not everyone can appreciate a film like Salo or the 45 minute rape scene in I Spit On Your Grave… and speaking of rape scenes, Irreversible is not a film I want to watch over and over again so showing that to people is sort of out. I can usually judge a persons character by how much they appreciate Wayne’s World (unless they are really young… or really old) so that spends a lot of time in my DVD player. But, when I really thought about it, I came up with three films that I show people over and over again, that have never failed to fuck up the minds of the friends and well wishers I invite over. Keep reading to find out the top 3 films that you need to bump to the top of your Netflix queue.

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New Trash – 1.25.08

After 5 years at Rififi Trash moved to Home Sweet Home. The opening party was last week but I was at Sundance. I had fun, but it was a completely different crowd. So much of the weekend warrior B&T downtown crowd. It was also way too crowded. Both these problems could be solved with a stricter door policy. I have never been one for faux-exclusivity, but I think the party would be way better off if they kept out some people. Sorry for being an elitist prick. Also there were like 5 photo bloggers in a reasonably small space. It was kinda annoying. I don’t really like shooting people who were just photographed 5 seconds earlier by someone else. I actually shot pretty poorly and then left and went to Robot Rock where there were another 5 photo bloggers… I didn’t even break out my camera there. It makes me want to quit. Here are the sub par photos I took at the new Trash. Arg. Rated mildly NSFW for all the gay porn that Cameron and Romina hung up.




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High Voltage – 1.23.08

I have no idea how I forgot these photos. I just completely forgot to put them up. So weird. Cool Kids guest DJ. And um… nothing too exciting. I don’t even remember what happened cause it was DAYS ago. I do remember that I kept leaving and coming back. Oh… and I saw this girl carrying a Ouija board fall head first into a table breaking it in half with her face. Ro was laughing so hard he almost started crying. So amazing. She was okay too. To drunk to notice. Here are pictures of the rest of the night.




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Day By Day

When I was in LA I crashed at Day By Day’s place. The last night I was there they were filming a sketch involving blow up dolls, one which was painted to look like my friend Dave. Very creepy. After they finished their shoot, we set up our own little shoot on Dave’s bed. It took a whole 7 minutes, but was pretty fucking funny. I have to admit I was pretty giggily the whole time… but then again I had been awake for 24 hours at the time. I will post the sketch on here once it goes online. In the mean time, look at the photos.




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Unstoppable Perfect – 1.24.08

Probably my smallest party gallery ever, so that makes this description very appropriate.  Photos go here.


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