New Years Eve

So, I had no idea what I wanted to do for New Years when I was hired to shoot the Semi Precious Weapons party at Public Assembly.  I asked for more money because I didn’t want to be tied down for New Years, unfortunately they didn’t have the money in their budget.  So a few days go bye and I still had no idea what I wanted to do, and I decided I needed the money, so I asked for the job.  Now this time they have less money and I end up getting $50 less than they offered in the first place.  I am a fucking chump.  But I think the party will be fun.  I have some guest list spots so hit me up if you want on.  It should be a good time.  Also, I will be drunk, which many of you know is a special occasion as I only drink twice a year.  New Years Eve and my birthday.  Remind me to bring out my back up camera so I don’t break my D300.  Kthx.


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Dolphins win! Play offs! Ahh. Want to cry! Joyous! Amazing! Updates soon! Must enjoy victory!!! Who wants to make out? I love you all!! ldkjfsdjfsd Comments (0)

Merry Fucking Christmas

What did you guys get for Christmas?  Oh me? I got laid off.  It’s okay though because all I want for Christmas is the Dolphins to beat the Jets this weekend and make the playoffs.  Oh yeah, I got tickets.  7 rows away from the field.  So what did I get you guys for Christmas?  Unfortunately, nothing; I was too busy (due to the job I no longer am employed at) to make X-mas cards this year.   That being said, I do have some left overs from last year, and if anyone wants one, send me your address.  And to the people who already sent your addresses, hopefully I will get them out this weekend, sorry they are late.  Anyway, I needed to post something for the holidays, so here are some out takes from last years card, if you can handle it.  The rest of the shots are here.  Thanks to Dusty from BA and Gina from GG for their help last year.  Merry Fucking Christmas.




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Semi Precious Weapons – 12.19.08

So Semi Precious Weapons did a short set at Trash last Friday at Webster Hall.  I like the idea of short energetic sets at a dance party as long as they get on and off quick.  Their set was tied in with a burlesque number and some insane Michael T thing that didn’t stop the party one bit, and after SPW was done people were dancing even harder.  Those of you who don’t know me well, might not know that I spent about 8 years of my life as some sort of punk rocker.   I was a big fan of the pit and jumping off the highest thing I could find.  I even had a infamous moshing move: The Drum Flip. Now my days of terrorizing the pit are long gone.  The last time I really fucked shit up was at a Municipal Waste show in ’05 or ’06.  I remember that after it was over I couldn’t get out of bed for two days.  I realized at just 25 years old, I was an old man.  I was done thrashing.  But then again, after watching all these little girls scream and tear at the pant legs of Justin from SPW, I felt like this old man needed to show the kids what rock and roll was all about. (Yes, I do realize I sound like a complete asshole.)  I asked SPW caretaker Shaun to hold my camera and as they finished their last high energy song of their short, yet explosive set, I jumped up, ran across the stage and jumped as high as I could off the highest monitor and turned my body in the air and attempted to stage dive.  Of course I dived into a bunch of tiny 18 year old girls and they dropped me from about 8 feet in the air directly on my back.  By the time I got home, I could barely move and my friend had to bring me pain killers and water before I could sleep.  I kept coughing so much that I thought I had punctured a lung and would have to go to the hospital or something.  Some how my back stopped hurting by the next day.  It was a Christmas miracle.  Anyway, SPW was super fun and I got some great shots.  Justin also grabbed my camera and took a few of the crowd after it was over which is why you might notice a disheveled me flicking off the camera.

Oh yeah, do to the complete insanity of the SPW groupie set, this gallery is NSFW.  Also, since there are so many SPW fanatics out there, if anyone wants to buy a 16″ x 20″ print from me, they are available for purchase, just let me know.

Anyway all the shots are here. Have a happy X-mas eve.




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Good News/ Bad News

The good news is that I am going to be shooting more and spending more time on this site.  The bad news is that the reason I am going to be shooting more and spending more time on this site is because I got laid off today.  Oh Joy.  I used to scan books for but they cut the night shift so I am back to being a professional photographer.  At least until I run out of money again.  I am going to extend my trip to LA now.  So if you live in LA and you to hire me or get naked for me, please let me know.  I will be there from the 11th of Jan until I get bored or run out of places to stay. Anyway, tomorrow I am going to DC for two days, Richmond for a day to work on the lead singer of the Gaskets solo album and then I am coming back to NYC on the 28th to watch my Dolphins kick the shit out of the Jests.  On the 30th I have a meeting with the guy who designed my site about a redesign and I am going to be working on some new projects.  Things could be exiting.  But I am also looking for work, preferably flexible part time.  If anyone has any ideas let me know.

How sad is this?


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The Jump Off X – 12.20.08

After the incident that happened at SPW that I have yet to blog about, I did not think I was going to make it out on Saturday night.  But a few Advil and a super good movie helped me force myself to go out.  I went to Savalas for the insanely packed Jump Off.  It was the 10th one.  I went to the second one, and some how missed the last 7.  Well it was certainly a party, but the one good thing about Brooklyn is that when I go out I have actual conversations with people instead of just wait in line for the bathroom behind them while they are doing coke.  I spent more time talking to people than I did shooting which was a very nice change.  Let’s see what happened?  Mark Palgy from VHS or Beta Dj’d, a small asian girl went buck wild on some dude outside and I thought some girls how to properly strangle someone.  All and all it was a pretty good night.  Check out the photos.




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Freaky Friday – 12.19.08

Seriously, how good was that movie when you were a kid? Did anyone see the remake? How was it?

Anyway, Friday was a super surreal day. I got hired to shoot a girls 23rd birthday party. I thought it was going to be at Angels and Kings and the money was right, so I said yes. I don’t normally shoot a lot of birthday parties… A few days before the party, the decided to move to to a karaoke bar, which made me a bit uncomfortable. There aren’t normally a lot of party photographers at karaoke bars. I wanted to cancel, but I need to rent a car when I am in LA next month so I sucked it up. When I got there, they made me take off my hat. Evidently baseball caps are some how not allowed at a friggin’ karaoke bar. Too classy I guess. Don’t want the place to look shabby when people are singing Mac the Knife. It was super awkward at first, but after I met everyone, and they all got super drunk and they played some Al Green I got pretty into it. I spent a lot of time shooting the birthday girl (Happy birthday Vicky!) and he friend who hired me, so there are a lot of repeats at the start of this gallery. I did have fun there, but I do sort of think shooting a birthday party like that makes me a little bit of a whore. But like they say once you turn that first trick, it’s a lot easier to turn the second. So if anyone wants me to shoot their birthday party and give me money for it, I am down, as long as there are no clowns or magicians involved. (A magic clown may be negotiable.)

I eventually took them all to Webster Hall for Trash. Trash is great again. I am really excited about that. Gotta give Alex and Jess props for putting that back together. Semi Precious Weapons played and Michael T and this cute dame named Madame Rosbud did some fancy dance numbers before they went on. I am putting the SPW photos in a separate gallery that will be up soon. I have a pretty good story about those shots so stay tuned. Due to some titty flashing, go-go dancing and full frontal burlesquing this gallery is rated NSFW. But please, if you are not at work, check it the fuck out.







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Facebooks & Holiday Cards

Just two things of site news for you. It’s pretty exciting stuff.

1. I want to introduce you to my new web intern Tristan. She is in a band called Five Star Affair and also plays in Shiragirl. She does a lot of the web promotions for her bands and she is soon to be taking over the DBB myspace and she has also built me a Facebook group. You should join that group…. And tell your friends about it. That way you can be hip to the occasional event or amazing things happening on this site. Or you can just plug your own shit on there. Whatever works, just JOIN IT.

2. I send out pretty legendary X-Mas cards every year. This Christmas is going to be a little bit disappointing in that regard. I didn’t have the time this year to make new ones. However, I have a hand full of cards left over from last year, so if you DIDN’T get one last year, and you promise to keep it on your fridge all year long I will send you one. But send me your address (igor[at] ASAP because I don’t know how many I have. Also, the card is slightly NSFW so if you live with your parents or something, you might not want to get one. It is not in an envelope.

Oh, and to keep you entertained, here is a video about very tiny art, although the only thing that is really artistic about it is that it is very tiny, but it is still insanely neet.

Needle Sized Art
Very incredible story! Not only is this mans art cool but he got a ton of cash for it!
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Playhouse – 12.17.08

Another Wednesday night at Cain.  It was super packed for Felix Da Housecat.  It was maybe a little too crowded, but I sometimes get claustrophobed.  I know that is not a word, but I use it a lot, so you are going to just have to deal with that.  I also sort of hate people who give me shit about taking their photo at these things.  It makes me want to just shoot my friends and no one else.  People act like they are some fucking rock star.  “Don’t take my picture, I am a model!”  Seriously, I don’t give a fuck.  I take photos so people can see themselves online, its fun, or because people pay me to take it.  If you don’t want your photo taken, that is fine by me, just don’t be a dick about it.  I seriously could care less about taking your photo. Then again, the exact opposite is true about the party.  On the other half of the room from all the models and rich douche bags, are the trannies and queers who love to get their picture taken.  You guys are the best.

Anyway, sorry for bitching.  I am just really tired.  I have some time off work for the holidays and hopefully it will be the break I need to get my shit back on track.  Anyway, last night for the most part was actually really fun and I took some good photos.  You can see the pictures here.







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