Jeezum Christ!

I meant to be back in NYC 36 hours ago yet I just woke up and I am still in DC and I missed the DC2NY bus and now I have to figure out how I am going to pay for a train home which is going to be four times more expensive than the $22 bus.  I am hastily updating my website while I am getting my shit packed.  I have to figure out how I’m going to get my tuxedo home without wrinkling so I can wear it on New Years.  Speaking of New Years, I will be at the Rated X Vs. Trash Vs. Burning Angel throwdown at Don Hills.  It is going to be out of control and I am going to be out of control.  Other than my birthday it is the only day of the year I drink, and if you were at my birthday this year, you know how bad I am at drinking.  Something insane will happen I can promise that.  Let’s just hope I don’t break my camera.  Anyway, because I have not been back in NYC I haven’t really put together my guest list and I have to send it in tomorrow, so I may or may not have some spots left.  So if you are friends with me and want to go for free, get in contact with me and I will try to get you on the list.  For more information on the party, click here.

Speaking of New Years, on New Years Eve 1999-2000 we all thought the world was going to explode.  I was at two parties all night, my friends small hotel and drugs party and a bigger beer and more drugs party.  I was driving people back and forth as I was the only sober person we knew.  At the hotel party I wrassled my friend Dylan because he was very small, I was sort of in shape and we both were in to the WWF.  I had this clip sitting around a while but I didn’t really have any reason to post it, except in celebration of it’s 8th anniversary.  A few Halloweens ago I went as myself in 1999 and I wore these same ice camo cargo pants and way too tight he-man t-shirt. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.  All my friends were ravers and despite my hatred of house I still wore some dumb fucking clothes… now 8 years later all my friend listen to nu-rave and I still hate house music.  And now I am fucking wearing skinny jeans.  I hope 8 years from now I don’t hate my current self as much as I hated my 1999 self.  Enjoy the video.

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