Even Further – 8.30.07

After Daniela went to bed, I ran into Daniel RekLES standing out front of Darkroom. We decided we would visit Erica Star at Happy Endings before we went home. It was almost last call and we hustled to get there before they wouldn’t let us in. We made it in time, and to our surprise the place had a bunch of people running around. I had no intention of taking photos, but then I met some cute girls and had to break out my camera. Then my friend was there so I took one of him and all of a sudden I had taken 5o photos in 15 minutes. So yeah, party on and such. This is the party that runs on opposite weeks as Unstoppable perfect which means that Thursdays are fun at Happy Endings no matter what. Crazy. Here is the quick set I shot.



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Bang Bang At The Disco – 8.30.07 (Guest Photographer)

This guy Jake I met at unstoppable perfect a few weeks ago asked me to swing by his party. When I did I discovered two things. He co-hosted the party with this guy Sam I worked with 6 years ago at Ben and Jerry’s. And the second discovery was my friend Daniela (who I got into a fight with 30 min prior) was there. Daniela and I got over the fight and then she asked me if she could take some photos with my camera. So instead of me taking photos, I just followed her around all night teaching her how to take photos. Now she got some good shots, but what I realized was that the photos I helped her take were the ones that came out the best. I am not sure if I am just biased and I like my style, or if the photos are actually better. It leads me to believe that maybe I am actually a decent photographer and despite my notion that anyone could take a digital SLR and do what I do, it might take more that that. Also aside from the photos themselves, she had a hard time talking people into taking their photos and facing rejection when they didn’t want her to take it. I get yelled at by people every night and it rolls off my back. So yeah, this photoblogging shit is not as easy as it looks. All that aside, Daniela took some great shots, and I hope you will check them out. Let me know if you can tell a difference in the photos and maybe guess which ones I helped her take. (there are 3 that stand out in my mind) Also, this photo below is a photo I took of the stunning future photoblogger Daneila, not one of her shots. Her’s are here or should that be here are her’s?


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DJ’s eh?

How aboot that?  Remember the Canadian DJ’s I was hanging out with on Tuedsay?  Well I got their myspace pages now, so you get to check them out.   VNDLSM from Toronto and Tyler “1/2 Alive” Fedchuk from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as Nardwaur would say.  Since meeting the guys I have absolutely fell in love with two of Tyler’s tracks and I found out that someone took VNDLISM’s hit track (Rihanna – Umbrella (Vandalism Remix)) and made it into the worst YouTube video on the internets.  Enjoy.

Rick Ross feat. The Pipettes – Hustlin (TF’s Summer 2006 edit)
Frankie Valli – Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (TF’s 1/2ALIVE mix)

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Last Night’s Parties

Yesterday I was going to shoot the first High Voltage at 200 Orchard and then stop by Nic Boogotz’s birthday.  Unfortunately I left my memory card at home.  Instead of going back home, I ran into a bodega and bought two American flag instant cameras.  One of the cameras ended up cutting off half my photos so I had to crop them all weirdly and then when I had them developed about 5 of the photos were arbitrarily zoomed in.  The negatives are fine, but the scans are zoomed in and blurry.  I need to stop going to the one hour place by my house.  They fuck up everything.  So yeah, here are the photos from both parties.  They clearly suck as they were taken with an disposable camera.  ALSO, my favorite show on TV is Entourage.  I watch it every week and I don’t even have cable.  So yeah, Adrian Grenier is the star of said show, and he was at High Voltage… I asked him if I could take a photo, and he very nicely told me no.  A man has to respect that.  Oh well. Here.


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Memory Card

Last night I planned on shooting High Voltage it is new location and my friends birthday at Beauty Bar.  Unfortunately when I got there it was 1AM and I had forgotten my memory card.  I had no time to go back, so I bought two disposable cameras and took photos anyway.  I am going to drop off the film right now, but I am not sure if I can get them up today.  I am going to try my best. In the mean time, you have to watch this video, it is so hypnotic…  Make sure you watch until the end, its the best part.

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Six Six Sick – 8.29.07

I spent all day sleeping because I hit up the after hours spot (aka McDonald’s) at like 430 AM and hung out there until probably 6AM. These Canadian DJ’s I met both tipped the McDonald’s employee and they gave us tons of free food. Then we stood by a fence for like an hour and took photos. It was very slightly out of control. There was a girl with us who’s boobs are featured in this NSFW gallery, but the photos are really funny, so maybe your boss would appreciate it. So they are in fact SFW if you have a cool boss. Anyway… Check the photos. I don’t think I can update again today cause I have been helping my new roommate move in and I think we are going to get food and then I have to go to High Voltage at its new spot (200 Orchard).




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More Tight Shots

So I have been completely slacking on posting Tight Shots videos. I really like this show. It is directed by my friend, stars another friend, and features music by the band I manage. Please GO HERE and watch the old videos, then watch this one below. This episode features my favorite song of the Greenland album. Sweet.

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This Is Enlgand

Growing up I was friends with a lot of skinheads.  And one thing I learned about them was that no matter how not racist they claim to be, they are still not the most PC group you will ever be.  All the funniest racist jokes I know come from my time spent hanging out with a DC skin crew.   This Is Enlgand is about a bunch of skins that are conflicted about race.  The group gets split up between two factions who are both trying to convince a very cute 12 year old boy to join their cause.  The anti-Pakistan skins and the guys who are just trying to get drunk and fuck shit up.

This review is not really going so well right now.  I don’t know why.  I had some ideas here, and now I am just writing poorly.   The last sentence in that paragraph is not even a sentence.  So I think I’ll just make some quick points and go back to sleep.

1. This movie was good and you should see it.
2. The day I saw it I was listening to Jimmy Cliff before I left, then the movie was filled with reggae and ska, and then at a bar later they were playing two-tone ska.  It is just sort of amazing that I listened to that much ska/reggae in one day.
3. My biggest problem with skinheads is that they exist to fight.  The whole thing is about drinking and fighting.
4. Q: What do you call a black guy on a bike? A: Thief.
5. Q: Why are racist jokes so short?  A: So the  dumb  rednecks  who tell them can remember the punchline.

Lastly, my favorite racist joke of all time is:  Q: What do you call a ______ (insert type of people) with a PHD?   A: ______ (insert racial slur for said people).  It is so universal because it works for anyone.  Yay!  And here is some footage of original skins who listen to reggae.  I’m out.

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Drop Dead Goregous – 8.26.07

A day late, a dollar short.  My friend Kristine asked me to come see her in the Beauty Bar monthly beauty pageant.  Not only did she compete, but she in fact won.  The thing responsible for her resounding victory was her choice to stab her self repeatedly in the vagina with a prop knife.  It may or may not have made her cum; who can tell these days.  Anyway, the fact remains that she won $250 and I couldn’t be more proud of someone winning something I care so little about.  Also at the event was a tiny Marlyn Manson, which caused me to spend half the night thinking about which celebrity I would like to see a minature version of.   The answer is Wilford Brimley.  PS.  These photos are not very good, but they are of cute girls in their underwear, so that counts for something.


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