So I found out you can vote for the PHTHRD battle multiple times if you have multiple web browsers. Also, I wanted to make sure that when voting for my amazing photos, that you vote for all three of them. I talked to some people who only voted once. You have to vote for each assignment. So please, help me out, blog about it, post myspace bulletins about it. Love me! I don’t want to come in last place!

So yeah, VOTE HERE. But watch the video below of the event first… It is real nifty. If you have ever wanted to know what goes on when I pull a girl into a bathroom, now you can watch for yourself.

And… I am putting up rejects tomorrow, not today as originally promised. Sorry.

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Q: Why does everyone call you Igor?


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Tight Shots #3 and #4

I forgot to post episode #3 last week, so here is two episodes.  Once again these were directed my my friend and star the lead singer of the Gaskets and his girlfriend.  Also, they feature the music of said Gaskets.  They are really great.  My brother is even in one of them.  Oooh.

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PHTHRD Voting!

No stylist? No model? My color was orange?! Things were stacked high against me, especially because I was compeating against photographers who are way better than I am. That being said, I think I did pretty well. Here are my entries in the contest. I am going to post the rejects for each entry every day this week. Please if you want, VOTE FOR ME. I may not have the best work, but I did waste the most amount of illicit narcotics in the process.  Make sure when you vote, you vote on all three assignments.

Brief 1: Use a giant L to create an image that creates dialogue between the letter form and human form. My dialogue? Well… it’s that Losers Love Lesbians. That’s why Girls Gone Wild tapes are so popular!


Brief 2: “It’s a wicked world. That’s why nobody wants to leave it.” We were asked to use audience members to create an image based on that quote that has something to do with Dewar’s whiskey. I am not sure using drugs in our image was a good thing since the Dewar’s people were sponsoring the contest. My other not-as-good image used their bottles in the image. I think they were probably happier with that shot. I will show you both (although you saw the weaker image a few days ago).




Brief 3: #1 Using audience members with the most inspiring ORANGE clothes, your team will create an image that showcases the way fashion works as a vehicle for personality. OR #2 Using ORANGE clothing provided by LVHRD your team will dress members of the audience or models to showcases the way fashion can work as a vehicle for personality. The orange clothes they gave us were pretty ugly so I used people from the crowd (all two of them). The guy I ended up using made his shirt himself. Amazing.


So, in closing… VOTE FOR ME! kthx.

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Meet Flux. She is one of Suicide Girls oldest and most loved girls. I have had an internet crush on her for years and I finally got to hang out with her. We took these photos very quickly before walking all over lower Manhattan. They look like bad snapshots, and they kinda are. Clearly not my best work, but at least you get to see one of the flyest girls I know naked without having to be a SG member. I am pretty much in love, and these are pretty much NSFW.


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Rated X – 7.28.07

I had a fun night at Rated X. It was dead at first, but then people showed up and it ended up being a blast. It was the type of night that makes you wish you were single. Fortunately, for the moment, I am not, so I just went home and jerked off. I took some amazing photos of this girl that you will never see. I got an email today asking me not to put them up. My favorite photo of the night was of her. Oh well. Don’t want to get anyone in trouble… Check out the rest of the madness here. NSFW of course.


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Adult Drawing @ Trash – 7.27.07

The Adult Drawing party happens but once a month, but when it comes it brings good cheer. Or something. At the very least you get to see some half naked Burning Angels. (or fully naked if you ask nicely enough) The Adult Drawing folk brought a bunch of the girls out, all of which you have met on DBB. You don’t remember? Here is a refresher: Joanna Angel, Sinead, Mayhem and Morgan Mae. I took a whole new set of Mayhem, but that probably won’t go up for a while. I get a lot of traffic when I post these naked BA girls, I have found it is best to spread them out a bit… Check them out and Doug Sakmann acting a fool here.  Very NSFW.


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I have had a drama-filled weekend and have not yet been to see the Simpsons movie. I will let you know when I do. Until then I finally got the SimpsonizeMe site to work. It took like 5 attempts but I got it. I had to remove the background completely and turn up the contrast. Check me out… click it for the original photo.

PS. I spent the last 2.5 hours at work editing nearly 900 images that will be going up in the next few days. If we keep this slow at work, expect to have another update or two by 11am when I get off. Word.


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My apoligies for the worst updating I have ever done. The thing is, I got bed bugs, so I can’t be at home. It is hard to do any substantial updates from friends houses. Today I set aside several hours to work on the site, but my friend told me she was going to cut my hair. I waited for her in Williamsburg for 3 hours and she never showed so I came back home. I have good stuff from last night, tons of stuff from the contest. I am going to bring my computers to work and try to get some of it done tomorrow. This bed bugs thing is probably the worst thing to ever happen to me. Also my roommate moved out without paying rent for Aug. So I am just fucked. With girlfriend drama and itching 24/7, I am not a happy camper. Tomorrow will be thin for updates too, but Monday will have a bunch of stuff… I hope.

Also, I have no spell check for this update. Also again, I know this video is old, but I have been listening to it on repeat since I heard it again at High Voltage on Wednesday. Stupid bitch, I’m famous.

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