Birthday Photos From TK

So last night, as I have mentioned my goal was to make out with 10 people. Around 2 am I had had 7 shots and made out with 6 people. I figured 10 and 10 was my goal. The thing is I was completely sober and not having that much fun. I spent the whole night trying to make sure my friends got in. But at 2 am they gave me a bottle of vodka. I had two shots really quickly and then about 10 minutes later I took a big swig of it. After that it was all over. I just went from sober to drunk in 10 minutes. An hour later I had made out with over 20 people. I could not see. I was completely fucked. I took photos with my film point and shoot, but it broke. In case of emergency I took pictures with my point and shoot digital, I cracked the screen. It is a very good thing that I asked TK to shoot for me, otherwise I would not have any record of the night. So, check out TK’s site, and then check out the photos he took for me.

This photo is a pretty good example of how the last two hours of the night went. Tomorrow I am going to have the photos I took (although there won’t be many, or any good ones) and a few stories about a few of the girls I kissed last night. Huzzah. These photos are strangely safe for work, but the ones tomorrow won’t be.


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  1. June 5th, 2007 | 6:02 pm

    you’re a weirdo.

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