The Jump Off – 6.29.07

I was way too tired to go out last night, but I did anyway because I wanted to be at the first Jump Off. It is a monthly party, hosted by Kids With Snakes, the last Friday in the month at Capone’s in Williamsburg. Just blocks from my house, I was excited about a Brooklyn party. Unfortunately all the people there were dressed like people from Brooklyn. All the people who looked interesting to me were the same kids I see every day. All the locals were just in t-shirts and jeans like me. Boring. I was too tired and then my flash ran out of batteries, so I used that as an excuse to go home and go to sleep. The party looked like fun, I just could not enjoy it. Enjoy the 35 photos I did manage to take before quitting.


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I have seen a bunch of films in the last three days. (Helpful Hint: Don’t see Die Hard or Evan Almighty, even on a plane) Today I saw Zebraman, and snuck into Troublemakers, but I didn’t stay too long because I had some stuff to do. After said stuff, I went to see Michael Moore’s Sicko. I used to be a huge Moore fan until he became the mouth piece for leftist politics. I like his movies and TV shows, but I don’t really want him speaking for me as a liberal. He is sort of a douche. Anyway, his movie is probably really important to see. You will get all riled up and upset and then get pissed on the car ride home, and then you will go to McDonald’s and forget all about it. I know I will. My friend Teddy has had this horrible pain behind his eyes for the last two weeks, but he won’t go to the doctor until next week because his insurance hasn’t kicked in yet. I am going to lose my insurance in about 10 months. It is pretty upsetting. Once my friends and I got in a huge brawl. I had to take a few of them to the hospital. I had a black eye and a shovel had been broken over my back, it made a cool imprint, but I was completely fine. The woman at intake at the hospital convinced me the doctors should have a look at me. I agreed. I was there for about 20 minutes and I walked out with a 1500 dollar bill which included 8 dollars for two Advil. Luckily I have insurance, but there are 46 million US citizens who don’t. So, the movie was enjoyable, probably the least funny, least stunt filled effort of Moore’s career, but it certainly didn’t blow me away like Roger and Me did the first time I saw it.

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This is the second Takashi Miike film I have seen that was made for little kids. This is the second time I have left the theater thinking how fucked up Japanese kids must be. With in 5 minutes of the film starting one of the main characters is talking about how he got crabs from a prostitute. Anyway, the movie is about this pathetic third grade teacher who dreams of being a 70’s TV super hero that no one has ever heard of because it was canceled after only 7 episodes. He makes a costume and once he puts it on, the episodes start becoming reality and he lives out the life of Zebraman fighting crab monsters and aliens for 2 hours. Completely different from Big Bang Love that I saw the other day, but just as twisted as his other kids movie The Great Yokai War. I would recommend you see every Miike film you can get a hold of, but he does like 5 a year, so who knows, there has to be a lot of mediocre films out there. Zebraman is pretty great though, just don’t bring your kids.

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Sarah Soda

I met this girl a few weeks ago.  She told me she was going to go-go dance at some party, but she didn’t end up doing it.  She was wearing pasties and everything.  I convinced her to just dance in her underwear at Lit.  Her pasties kept falling off from the sweat, so I pulled her into the bathroom to take some photos.  Check out her insane sunburn and NSFW photos here.


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Big Bang Love: Juvenile A

Yesterday I got to see Takashi Miike’s new film Big Bang Love. It was one of his more beautiful films. It was almost a love story between two murderers in prison, although they don’t express the love in any physical way. The film deals with one gay inmates struggle in prison and another inmate who protects him for seemingly no reason. The protector is murdered at the start of the film, with the gay inmate confessing. The rest of the movie is spent in flash backs with detectives trying to figure out what really happened. There are several unreal sequences when the characters discus freedom and death using rocket-ships and pyramids as metaphors. It was very surreal and probably the best of the films I have seen at the Asian Film Fest. This movie is playing again in a few days at the Japan Center and will probably get a wider release later this year. I highly recommend you checking it out.

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Download Help

People have been having some problems downloading my photos for their myspace pages. Let me show you how to do it.

In the photo below I circled in red a small icon. That is a very important button. When you right click it, you can save the photo to your desktop. If you just click it, it will open the photo in a new window and you can just drag it to your desktop. It is very easy, you just need to know how to do it. Simple right? Good, now go update your facebook.


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High Voltage – 6.27.07

I hate the rain. People just refuse to go out. Still there were some cool kids at High Voltage. One of the DJ’s was spinning nothing but older school hip hop. Mostly mid 90’s stuff. I was actually dancing, which I don’t do much of anymore. I didn’t really take take anything I was in love with, but I had a lot of fun, so I win I guess. I think. See what I won here.


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Kobayashi Is A Coward.

The womanly Takeru Kobayashi is hiding from brave American hero Joey Chestnut. Chestnut, as I previously blogged, is American greatest hope to bring the Mustard Belt back to the US. Chestnut embarrassed Kobayashi in the qualifying rounds of the Nathans Hot Dog eating contest, beating his worlds record by 6 full hot dogs. Kobayashi has won the national contest many years in a row and is always the man to beat. He knows that Chestnut was going to embarrass him on the world stage at Coney Island this July 4th, so he has made up a fake injury to avoid shame, which as far as I know means he would have to stab himself to death at dawn according to traditions in the back water country that is Japan. The savages there have no idea what a man like Chestnut would do to their national pride. So Chestnut will bring back the belt to the US, but won’t get the satisfaction that we Americans deserve for creating a monster like Joey. Read about Kobayashi’s cowardice here and then watch Kobayashi shake in his boots. God Bless America.

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Factory – 6.26.07

Michael T emailed me and asked me to come take pictures of him signing. Factory is the weirdest group of people. You have the standard freaks and queens you would expect from a Michael T run party, but you also have the Meat Packing District crowd you get from Lotus. Very strange mix; but with photos of Amanda Lepore topless, Bronques sticking his tongue down someones mouth and some girls fingering each other it made for a great party. See the mildly NSFW pics here.


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