High Voltage – 5.30.07

Oh boy. It is that time of the week again. High Voltage pictures. I think the last time I didn’t go to HiV was the time that Andrew WK was there and every person in the world was there except me because I needed sleep. Last night was fun. Check out these fresh pix


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Yo Majesty @ High Voltage – 5.30.07

Yo Majesty is so dope. I love these women. Here are some photos I took of them a while ago, here are some I took last night.


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Birthday Info Again…

Also, it is not looking good on a flyer for my party, so I will just keep reminding you in text form.  UPDATE: Look! I got a flyer!

TRASH @ Rififi – Friday, aka Tomorrow 11th St Between 1st and 2nd. Tell them you are there for my birthday for free admission (i think). 10pm – 4am. Do it! I will be taking naked pictures in lieu of presents. Also, I have a personal goal of making out with 10 girls in one night, so please, have your teeth brushed and your herpes in check. Thanks.


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I just put up two galleries of photos from last night without putting watermarks on them again.  So they will be up later.  I don’t know when but soon.  I am a moron.  High Voltage and Yo Majesty will go up when I get back from Herzog I think.  Augh.  FUCK!

This is what you have to wait on…


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It is 5am and I have an insanely busy day tomorrow. I am sure you don’t care but I need to sleep… I am watching another 5 hours of Herzog films tomorrow. 6 of them in fact. I will probably write a sentence or two about all of the ones I saw if I can get a list of what I saw, if that makes sense. I saw like 8 of them already. Anyway, sleeping pills are taking hold. I had a lot of fun over the last two days. This one girl was bitching at me because I always talk about how I make out with people on here. I didn’t think I did it that much. But then when I said goodbye to her and her friend I made out with both of them and a trash man called me a pimp. I was wearing a Cadillac logo around my neck. Then I was thinking about all of that, and I just sort of realized I am helplessly addicted to girls. I never bring anyone home and I rarely have sex, but I don’t really have fun unless I have made out with some girl somewhere at some point in the night, even if its for a second. I used to have sex a lot, and that just depressed me. This fills the void a bit, and is less depressing so that works for me, even if sometimes I come off as sleazy or creepy. Sometimes I feel creepy, but mostly I just feel like I am in love for a few minutes a few times a night. I made out with two girls tonight and sucked on another girls lip for a photo and when I went home alone, I felt slightly depressed, but slightly excited that I got to kiss them in the first place. I don’t really know what I am doing. There are a few girls I really like right now, but I am probably fucking things up with them by doing whatever I do. I just feel that however much I like some girl, they aren’t perfect so why waste my time. I am an old man now, I need to find me a woman to marry, otherwise I just need to make out in a bathroom and then move on with my night. Augh. Sorry for this rant, I should be asleep. That being said, at my birthday party on Friday, I need to make out with everyone. I need to set the record for making out with people that I set last year on my birthday. I think it was 5. Okay. I think I’m an asshole. What do you think?


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Motherfucker: Part 2 – 5.27.07

Finally, here is part two.  After they turned the lights down, and pulled everyone on stage, the party got nuts.  Lots of balloons and dancing.  Fun time party madness. Do it.




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Happy Birthday, You Don’t Have AIDS!

So for my birthday today I got an HIV test and amazingly enough I passed. I guess all the IV drug use was for nothing.

As a favor to Michael T, I am not going to post part 2 of Motherfucker until he okay’s the photos. Hopefully the will be up soon. I have already had to take down three photos from part 1, so check them out while they are still up!

PS. Reminder: My birthday party is on Friday at Trash at Rififi. Be there.

Topless Polaroid Cake By Leah


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Motherfucker: Part 1 – 5.27.07

Ah, Motherfucker. The biggest party in NYC is back for their 7th year anniversary. The first party I ever went to in NYC was a Motherfucker Party. It was pretty nuts, but for some reason I didn’t shoot that well. I think it was just so big that I didn’t really get to talk to anyone for that long cause I was just looking for the next shot. I didn’t get as personal with anyone. There are some crazy photos, but not technically my best ones. I think you will still dig them any way, I mean the guy from That 70’s Show, Danny Masterson, was there, how could you not. Mildly NSFW. Part two will be up soon.



Danny Masterson from That 70's Show

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2 Things Of Note

1. I am now 27 years of age.  I am now in my late 20’s.  Very scary.

2. I forgot to upload all the verticle photos from the last three galleries.  So if you were at Trash or Ruff on Friday and you didn’t see pictures of you, check again.  Also, a few more Faint photos.

Motherfucker photos up in 30 minutes I think.

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