New Maddox Update

Jesus.  It is about time.  I used to work for a company that had the worst stock photos ever for all their literature.  It was so funny.  They advertised on buses, and used actually employees for the photos.  I would be driving, suck in traffic behind a bus and I would just have to stare at my coworkers the whole time.  I can’t think of many things more annoying than that, but they both involve Maddox and lube.

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Bleach – 4.25.07

More photos, same night. I had a lot of fun at Bleach and I got some shots I am very happy with. So yeah check these out. Very fun party. I will make an appearance this Wednesday for sure.


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High Voltage – 2.25.07

So I just needed to get these up.  They are still low res images, but I need to get photos up.  Hopefully later this week I can re-upload some med res images.  We shall see.  Anyway, here is High Voltage.  I didn’t get too much there as it was my second of three parties of the night.  Still, some interesting shots with my new flash. Check em.


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Small Potatoes

My friend Teddy recently had an incident with a bag of potato chips. He forwarded me the email some weeks ago and I thought it was so funny I wanted to blog about it. However, he got a chance to post it on Design Observer which is frankly a much more important blog than mine is. So… he posted it there, so I am linking that post. It is pretty amusing check out his letter below, then check out the rest of the correspondence here.


Date: 4/11/07
Subject: Complaint About Bag of Chips

Dear Cape Cod Chip Company:

I am attaching a picture of the bag of your usually enjoyable “Cape Cod Potato Chips” that I bought today. The objects sitting beside the bag were its full contents. You will notice that these include a few soggy chips and a full, shriveled potato. What you cannot see is that the potato has a strange, vaguely-chemical smell, and the few chips, in addition to being soggy, are not even salted. Ultimately, the whole package was (rather) inedible.

Will you kindly send me a replacement bag of your chips? Please make sure that if the bag you send has any small potatoes in it, they are salted and odorless. Although I would prefer just the chips.

Thank you,
Teddy Blanks


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Greenland Polaroids

I wanted to get some photos up, but I still don’t have the ability to post hires photos yet. So I put up these Polaroids which are terrible scans anyway. I figure it doesn’t matter if these look great. I met with Greenland with the hopes of managing them and helping them put out their first album, Call Message.  Greenland actually might be changing their name soon, but that’s not really important.  What is important is that I took a bunc of Polaroids of them hanging out.  Some of these will be on the inside of their CD I think.  Anyway, I charged them less than the Polaroids cost, so they better use them for something.  Check ’em out.


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And They Pick… Ted Ginn…

So, I have a feeling the most of the people who come to this site come for one of two reasons: party pictures or tits. I am also assuming none of you care at all about the Miami Dolphins, but frankly, I am obsessed with them. Yesterday was day 1 of the NFL draft. Everyone thought the Dolphins wanted to draft this quarterback Brady Quinn, which I was not very happy about. The Dolphins just spent a ton of money on former probowler Daunte Culpepper, who spent all of last year injured. Frankly I am not ready to give up on him. The Dolphins had a chance to get Quinn, but ended up drafting Ted Ginn, a player who was not rated nearly as high. Anyway, I am not a big college guy, and I have only watched Ginn play maybe twice, but I knew he was fast. But I did not realize how fast. Even if you don’t like football, you might be impressed by this video. I have never seen anyone out run everyone like this. It is like both teams are standing still. Anyway, be amazed. Hopefully, I will have new party pics and boobs up soon…

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DBB On Myspace.

I don’t know why it has taken me this long to put up a myspace page for DBB, but it has. Hopefully this will keep strangers from adding my actual page. This mediocre photo of me happens to be my current profile image. I hope to put something better up there in the near future. Maybe something to do with chemistry or beets. Or maybe just a better photo of me… I guess I will figure that out later. Until then… ADD ME!


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My Favorite Song In 1990 Was…

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My Favorite Song In 1989 Was…

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