Photos Coming Soon…

I have a bunch of party pictures to go up, but my computer is broken so every time I try to thumbnail them my computer crashes. I am backing up my hardrive as we speak so I can reinstall Windows.  Sorry.

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I just posted some photos of the band Gang.  They are one of my new favorite bands.  I wanted to upload a song for you.  If you like it as much as I do, make sure you check out their myspace page and watch the amazing music video for it.  Also, they are rad chicks too.  So get down with Gang ASAP.


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Band Photos

I used to only shoot band phtography, then I quit. I havent shot bands in a long time, but I did. Here are the photos.  I shot a Yo Majesty/ Gang show and a Gaskets/ Gang show. Then I went to SXSW and didn’t shoot anyone but Har Mar and a few shots of the Meat Puppets. I shot them with my point and shoot though.  Yo Majesty’s photos are NSFW.

Website Links: Gang, Gaskets, Har Mar Superstar, Yo Majesty

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Hey Look At That

Everything has transferred over.  This page officially exists.  That is pretty boss.  I don’t actually say boss, but maybe I should.  I have so many ideas for this site.  Let’s see if I actually do any of them.  I should have some party pictures up in the next day or two.  Oh boy.  I am excited… I hope you guys are.  Let’s see if we can build this page up again.

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Meet My Roommate

My Roomate is insane. This a video we made the day Anna Nicole died in our bathroom. We made two others featuring his songs. I hope we will make others, he has a lot more music to work with.

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Custom Kicks


A friend got me in to 255 Elizabeth St, the Nike ID store. The only way to get in there is to win a lotto, or to know someone or be someone. Luckily I knew someone. It was the first day that they had my favorite shoes, the Nike Dunk High. They had pretty limited colors and they would only let me have a white midsole, but I got to put mesh on the tongue and my name on the side. Anyway, I am pretty happy with them. Check them out.

Also, once I get pictures, I will show you my other pair of custom shoes that I got off RBK’s custom website.

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Nicky Digital Gaskets Photos

Nicky Digital shot the Gaskets the other week and the photos went up today. Check them out.


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Welcome Back

I waited over a year for a layout I never got. I was sick of not having a website, so I just started a bullshit Word Press page. Anyone who wants to help me out with a better layout let me know. The old site will be linked to your right for the time being if you want to check that out.

Expect shorter posts, more often. It will be more blog oriented than my old site. I will be posting my photos and video per normal, but there will be a lot of mundane stuff no one cares about to keep me busy.

I may only do this for a week before I give up. We shall see. I would love to return DBB to its former glory. I am pretty excited.

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